• Gold $47.1 gram
  • Silver $0.54 gram
  • Platinum $29.67 gram
  • Palladium $61.37 gram
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    Precious Metals
    Easily convert metal tokens into physical gold or silver
    Easily trade your tokens of precious metal on the secure Stellar network.
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    Gold & Silver tokens
    Easy exchange and storage
    Gold or silver backed gram tokens are easily redeemed with
    1, 10, 50 or 100 gram bars delivered to your door.*

Buy gold tokens or
have gold delivered

Redeem 1 MINTX GOLD token into 1 gram of delivered physical gold

Tokenized precious metals allows investors to easily buy, sell or trade instantly.

MINTX supplies GOLD, SVLR, PLAT and PALL tokens priced to the physical metals global spot price +3%

1 gram gold Canadian maple leaf coin is of .9999 fineness. Packaged in an individual assay card with a unique serial.

100 grams $4852

ABC Bullion 100g gold cast bar is serialised with an assay certificate, weight, purity and origin guarantee.

ABC Bullion 1 kilo gold cast bar is serialised with an assay certificate, weight, purity and origin guarantee.

Easily Exchanged

Precious metal tokens are issued on the multi billion dollar Stellar network and are easily and instantly bought or sold at the current market price. More importantly they are instantly exchangable with hundreds of other assets and national currencies.


Simply transfer your MINTX tokens to our exchange server for the equivalent weight in physical precious metal mailed directly to your address. *shipping and handling fees apply


All metal tokens issued are matched 100% to physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium stored in our Australian ABC Bullion partner vault. No need to worry about theft, fire, storage or natural disasters. Tokenized precious metals lets you fully control your investment security.

Insured & Audited

All the physical gold and silver tokens as well as their equivalent backed physical metals are fully audited and insured.

What are the advantages of tokenized gold or other precious metals?

Tokenized precious metals provide the perfect partnership between utility of trade, exchange and investment matched with unsurpassed security.

Instant Currency Exchange

The Stellar network acts as a decentralized distributed asset exchange for a wide range of other national currencies and world class financial assets you can easily exchange your tokens into.

Reliable Value Hedge

Holding and storing physical precious metals comes with its own set of security and practical implications. Tokenized precious metals provides a stable value free of the volatility in the crypto currency market.

Global Stellar Network

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Your MINTX tokens are instantly tradable at current market spot prices.


The Stellar payment network opens up instant global payments in the precious metals you hold. Exchange and use your digital gold when you want and how you want.

Convert your GOLD or SLVR tokens into physical bars

Free international shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

The physical gold or silver is held 1:1 in our partners geographical diversified vaults between Australia and Hong Kong which is audited and has full insurance coverage for these metal holdings through various underwriters at Lloyds of London, the world's largest insurance syndicate, and leading precious metal insurance provider.
Once we have verified your identity and shipping address we will arrange for the physical bars to be mailed along with their assay certificates via the postage method of your choice. Identity documents can consist of any government issued photo ID uploaded with the form. Shipping costs can be paid in MINTX tokens or by paypal. You can also pay by direct bank transfer to our HSBC company bank account.
Once we have verified your paypal, credit card or bank transfer payment and an identity document check, the MINTX metal tokens will be electronically transfered to your nominated Stellar account.
All international shipping costs are currently free! Your precious metals will be fully insured and sent in nondescript discrete shipping packages to your address.

*Please note that some countries will impose a tax or duty on gold shipments as they arrive, for example the UK will charge a 20% VAT and India has a 10% gold tax.
The global spot price is the current trading price of the metal as listed on traditional international metals exchanges, which we use as a benchmark for our pricing. The spot price is based on huge, bulk orders of bullion and doesn’t take into account the cost of making the metal into coins or bars, transporting it, storing it or retailing to the investor. In time as MintX and Stellar liquidity grows we hope to close the token price gap to real time global market spot prices.
The spot price is based on huge bulk institutional orders. The Stellar Exchange SDEX such as StellarX & StellarTerm are made of private buyers and sellers who can set their own selling prices and buying offers. For ethical reasons MintX does not sell tokens directly to the Stellar exchange so that no accusations of manipulation can be made. For this reason sometimes prices are less than global spot price and other times it is more than the MintX sell price thereby creating arbitrage opportunities.
To be classified as an investment grade physical metal bar, the product must be at least 99.95% pure. For silver, the minimum purity is 99.90%. All bullion products sold are sourced direct from internationally accredited refiners, including ABC Refinery, and either meet or exceed investment grade standards.
First your payment is confirmed via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. If you are buying physical metal then it will be dispatched to your address. If you are buying MINTX tokens then your money is immediately transferred and held in an independant company precious metal account with our audited and licensed gold, silver, palladium or platinum supplier partner. We do not trade, gamble or hold your invested token money, it is held in the respective physical precious metal and free to swing with the spot market price along with the token itself. Audit certificates on the physical metals are regularly provided.
The gram is becoming a crypto standard for precious metals and many precious backed gram token companies already exist which we would like to form redemption partnerships with. Grams provide a convienient small redeemable amount which is easily mailed internationally and physically exchanged. On a technical note the gram pricing works nicely for many plated and leaf products as well as industrial and commercial uses such as micro electronics which makes up a large portion of precious metal consumption so it makes sense to price in grams especially since we can market such products to the thousands of factories already in our company network. Its worth noting the amazing properties that 1 gram of gold can be stretched to 3km long. The gram also works better with our future plans of wider marketplace utility and partnerships.
Hong Kong enjoys the status as one of the major bullion markets in the world. A free market with no precious metal taxes or over regulation Hong Kong is a stable marketplace for the future of precious metal backed financial technology which has already attracted the worlds largest bullion suppliers. Hong Kong also has one of the most cost effective global distribution channels which has a big advantage when shipping physical metal internationally.
Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot provide cryptographic tokens or precious metal bars to United States residents. In time we hope the regulatory situation there becomes more clear.
Unfortunately due to regulatory, legal or shipping security rules we cannot ship to these countries at the present time.
  • United States of America
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • The Bahamas
  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Hong Kong
  • Jamaica
  • Laos
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Nicaragua
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
In time we hope the regulatory and security situation there becomes more clear.
MintX is a responsible service which has a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Rest assured your identification document image is stored securely and confidentially offline beyond the reach of hackers.
MintX is a responsible service which has a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. You should enter your mailing address which matches your government issued photo ID, no P.O Box address. The shipping will require a signature on arrival. We will protect your address information very carefully as we understand the security implications.
There are numerous online guides for crypto account security from hardware and secure apps to paper wallets.
We have created this basic information guide for you.*If you are the victim of MINTX theft please contact your local law enforcement and we are happy to look into the circumstances while reserving the right to have no liability.
No, your tokens are secure on the blockchain for you to hold sell, trade or redeem into physical precious metals whenever you like.
Stellar accounts are quick and easy to create and are powered by Stellar Lumens which deduct .0001 XLM Lumens for every transaction you do. 1 Lumen costs less than 10 cents so you may not need to worry about this once your account is created. To hold our MINTX tokens you must establish a GOLD,SLVR,PLAT or PALL trustline on your account depending on which asset you wish to hold and then you will be free to trade, buy and sell without any deduction from your asset balance (The .0001 cost is withdrawn from the XLM Lumen balance. Many Stellar wallets allow you to create trustlines however the simplest method may be to simply log in to our online wallet and you can easily add the MINTX trustlines you require with the click of a button.
Precious Metal Purity and Fineness. Gold purity (and purity of other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium) is expressed in fineness and refers to the gold content in 1,000 parts of a bar. For example, a bar designated with 995 fineness is 995 parts gold and 5 parts of other metals, impurities, etc. A karat is 1/24 part of pure gold by weight, so 24-karat gold is pure gold. 24-karate gold is at least 99.9% pure. Record setting 999.999 fineness gold was last commercially made in the 1950s at the Australian Perth Mint.
With MINTX metal tokens you dont pay the normal monthly vault storage fee which many precious metal suppliers charge. The precious metals market has very slim profit margins and we strive to give you as close to spot price as possible. Generally speaking our fees are a competitive 3% on the global spot price with a small handling fee on top of the shipping cost for mailing physical gold when you redeem your MINTX tokens.
  • Our first job after launch is to develop a precious metals specific mobile trading apps (Android & IOS) which we have already begun work on.
  • We are developing a customized 1 gram gold cards packaging to provide a service for more cost effective distribution and low cost redemption.
  • Expand our redemption network within the global gold supplier community which we already have expressions of interest via our contacts through our ExportID precious metal network. Imagine being able to redeem your MintX tokens in person through Dubai or London gold dealers.
  • Beyond the gold distribution network we would like to roll out the tokens to jewelry chains and other precious metal focused businesses as well as to ordinary commercial businesses. We see a opportunity to provide a convenient payment system in countries where Sharia compliant payment currencies are highly valued.
  • Listing on various exchanges will obviously be a priority
  • Accept various crypto currencies for payment with a throughout KYC check.
  • Introducing other stable metals beyond the initial gold, silver, platinum and palladium assets there is a lesser know market for ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium. Eventually we would like to add high grade copper, tin, zinc and even more common metals such as aluminium and steel.

Physical precious metals are mailed directly when tokens are redeemed.

Packages are discrete and unmarked so as to avoid theft.

More About Us

Some Words About Our Company

Based in Hong Kong MintX is managed by SecureLC which has over 20 years in the international precious metals networking business managing some of the worlds largest online export networks such as ExportID.com and ExportBureau.com export company directory.

Unique relationships with many of the worlds largest precious metals companies allow us to hold and distribute the highest quality precious metals exchanged with our tethered metal tokens on the Stellar marketplace.

  • Hong Kongs mature legal framework.
  • No gold taxes, restrictions.
  • Worlds global shipping location.
  • Low cost global package delivery.
  • ExportID, ExportBureau advantage.
  • Reliable and long term company.
  • Commercial token project experience.
  • Liquidity to sell your tokens.
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