General principals in tokenized asset security

MINTX and Stellar Security

MINTX precious metal tokens such as GOLD, SLVR, PLAT and PALL are all issued on the Stellar blockchain. This protects them from forgery and allows instant access, flexible security and trade by owners.

MINTX tokens are only issued manually and offline after payment is confirmed. Transactions are signed from the cold storage issuing account within a real bank vault under maximum security and then later issued to the clients Stellar blockchain account where they are free to manage ownership.

Client order payments are instantly transfered to our gold distributor partners who hold the audited and insured physical gold on a 1:1 basis.

Our strict security policy ensures your token investment is always secure.

Stellar Account Security

Like bitcoin anyone can generate a Stellar account instantly, use our wallet or even Stellars own account viewer But remember you must have a store of XLM Lumens in the account to activate and power its transactions. You will only require 0.0001 Lumen to power a transaction and you will need 0.5 Lumen available for every asset trustline you enable. You must authorize the individual asset trustlines of each precious metal you wish to hold click here for easy instructions

and the secret key or password which can access this account
You can safely give your selected public key to anyone or publish it on their website and people can send tokens directly to that account however only knowing the secret key password can access this particular account and perform transactions.

With some wallets and exchanges you can use this key to login to the exchange itself but you must be very careful about protecting this key.

Best token security practices recommend you use a hardware wallet to protect your account such as a Ledger Nano which will protect your secret key from online attackers while still allowing you to login to your account.

Wallet Security

There are a wide variety of desktop and mobile wallets you can use to hold your precious metal assets. A list can be found here.

For a good guide on hardware wallets please read this link.

How to add asset trustlines to an account

The easiest way is to simply login to our wallet using your secret key. This will give you buttons to automatically add the token trustlines if they don't exist.

Otherwise you are free to manually add the trustlines yourself using the following issuing accounts.


Trading Security

Stellar has a built in exchange network which adds unparalleled trading utility in comparison to other crypto currency networks. A diverse range of exchanges have been developed and continue to launch.

  • StellarX - free to use professional exchange with built in USD on and offramp
  • StellarTerm - Original Stellar exchange offers free access and easy access with your existing accounts
  • StellarPort - Trader focused exchange offers many professional trading features such as candlestick graphs

Physical Gold Secure Delivery To Your Door

We understand the importance of a delivery service which can get your investments to you quickly and securely.

We send all parcels out the next working day after your payment clears secure registered mail.

1:1 Metal Backed Monthly Auditing

All physical metal and associated SecureLC MintX metal accounts are securely held with our metal partners in their insured and audited vaults in Hong Kong.

Monthly 3rd party audit reports will be published online for correllation and verification with the equivalent issued tokens.


We can also arrange for a personal audit and inspection for verified high net worth accounts in Hong Kong.